About the Mid-Willamette Chapter

Mid-Willamette Oregon Hunters Association chapter #28 was formed in 1991 as the Benton Chapter. Although the core members who founded and adopted chapter requirements to meet the state guidelines were primarily from Benton County, the chapter name was later changed to Mid-Willamette to recognize the fact our membership covers OHA members in Linn and Benton Counties. The chapter has been continually active since formed, participates in numerous wildlife and wildlife habitat projects, promotes our hunting heritage through youth engagement, youth field programs and adult recruiting efforts.

Our early chapter is a sponsor of the annual EE Wilson Youth Pheasant Hunt, ODFW Youth Outdoor Day events and participates in OSU’s McDonald Forest Get Outdoors day. Board members currently serve on the ODFW Access and Habitat NW regional council, OSU McDonald Dunn Forest Recreation Advisory Committee and engage in Oregon’s Deer/Elk passage efforts to reduce loss of deer and human losses statewide. We have continued these efforts along with our chapter wildlife fundraising program through the recent health restrictions. We look forward t engaging more fully in 2021-2022 and beyond.

Oregon Hunters Association Mid-Willamette Chapter

2022 Scholarship

The Mid-Willamette Chapter of OHA plans to award a minimum of one $1,500 scholarship to a successful applicant in 2022. Eligible applicants are new or returning college students enrolled in any accredited trade school, technical school, college, or university. Applicants must be in a field of study which aligns with OHA's mission. Fields of study may include, but are not limited to fish and wildlife, wildlife biology, forestry, environmental policy and planning, environmental law, public lands management, wildlife law enforcement, or natural resources.

Who is eligible for an OHA scholarship?

Eligible applicants must be new or returning college students enrolled in any accredited trade school, technical school, college or university. Applicants must be in a field of study which aligns with OHA's mission. Fields of study may include, but are not limited to: fish & wildlife, wildlife biology, forestry, environmental policy & planning, environmental law, public lands management, wildlife law enforcement, natural resources.

Who is not eligible for an OHA scholarship? 
The following individuals and their family members are not eligible for awards: OHA officers and directors, members of the selection committee, trustees, and substantial financial contributors.

What criteria are used to judge applicants?

Applicants are judged on their application, eligibility requirements, volunteer work, essay and other materials provided. Applications will be reviewed by the OHA Scholarship Committee with recommendations to the board of directors. Below are the criteria by which each applicant’s information will be evaluated. Consider the following points when answering application questions or writing your essay. 
• Major course of study 
• Involvement in OHA or other habitat projects (applicants will not be limited to OHA members) 
• Extracurricular participation
• Leadership skills 
• Community activities
• Awards 
• Work experience 
• Essay: Content, structure, and grammar 
• Photos of you engaged in outdoor activities or community service 
• An example of a goal you set for yourself and how you accomplished it.

How are scholarship funds dispersed?

The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the school at which the student is enrolled and will be credited to their account. The scholarship award is a one-time gift and must be able to be used in the year it is awarded. Any unused funds will be returned to the scholarship fund by the school to be used for future awards.

What must I do to be considered for an OHA scholarship?

Applicants must complete the scholarship application form.

A recipient may apply for the scholarship again in subsequent years; however, winners will be selected from all eligible applicants each year and past success does not guarantee future success. If awarded a scholarship, the recipient will provide OHA with the college scholarship contact information. OHA will contact the school and arrange for funds to be provided directly to the school.

OHA Mid-Willamette Chapter 2022 Scholarship Application

Print off and Send Below Application & Required Documents to:

Debbie Mode


Mid-Willamette Chapter – OHA

PO Box 951

Albany, Oregon 97321 OR

[email protected]

Scholarship Award

The Mid-Willamette Chapter of the Oregon Hunters Association will be awarding a minimum of one $1500 scholarship.


Applicant must:

  1. Be a graduating high school senior planning to pursue a degree at an accredited institution of higher education as a full-time student or be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. Be a current Oregon resident.
  4. Submit all scholarship application requirements to the address above no later than May 31, 2022.


Please provide the following documents to ensure a complete application:

1. Completed application form

2. Official high school transcript

3. Hunting or fishing license and last year it was validated

4.Two letters of recommendations

     a. One personal reference: non-relative and non-school official

     b. One professional reference: non-relative, can include school official

5. Essay of 1 to 3 pages (select one of the options):

     a. Explain how you would protect Oregon’s wildlife and habitat.

     b. Explain how you would promote and protect the hunting heritage of Oregon.

     c. Explain the role of hunting and sportsmen in Oregon’s wildlife management.

Name: ___________________________________________________Age: _____________ Address:___________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: ___________

Phone: __________________ Cell: ____________________ 

Email: _____________________________

Current School: _________________________________________

 Current GPA: ___________

School you attend/plan to attend:_______________________________________________

Field(s) of study:_____________________________________________________________

Awards received and/or leadership positions held:

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra-curricular and volunteer activities in which you are involved:



Are you/your family a member of the Oregon Hunters Association? Yes ____ No ____

If so, briefly explain your participation:


___________________________________________________________________________Are you an active hunter? Yes ____ No ____ If yes, please share your hunting experience to date:


___________________________________________________________________________Recent hunting and/or fishing license #: ____________________Year of issue: ________

The recipient of a 2021 Mid-Willamette Chapter, Oregon Hunters Association, scholarship will be announced by July 15, 2022. Specific information will be provided when the scholarship recipient is announced.